Founded in 2017 by Kenneth Ng and Joe Yuen in Hong Kong teamed together to provide new synergy in the yachting industry, while also combing more than 25 years of experiences.

Kenneth Ng, Partner & Director of Sales. Hong Kong national educated in Vancouver. Kenneth began his career in the yachting industry in 2008 as a sales broker for a regional brokerage firm. He has sold various types of yachts built by European shipyards as large as 120ft.  Being a yacht owner himself, he spends his free time onboard with his family and close friends. Kenneth is also a keen golfer and basketball player.

Joe Yuen, Partner. A native Hong Kong national educated in Florida. Joe embarked his career in the yachting industry within the Asia Pacific region in 2003, working on numerous numbers of yacht projects before setting up his own company, Lodestone Yachts, in 2008. He has years of experience in large yacht management and agency services to superyachts visiting Hong Kong, Macau and South China. Joe is a committee member and Honorary Treasurer of the Asia Pacific Superyacht Association. Joe enjoys SCUBA diving, jet skiing and wake surfing on his free time.

Our Yachts & Shipyards
JW Marine represents ISA Extra for Hong Kong and China, a new concept yacht by ISA starting from the 76ft range

Our Mission
We pride ourselves to bring new and unique concepts to our market.  Some of our represented builders have come up with yacht designs/concepts, that are totally new to our already mature market.

Besides the new yacht-designs we want to bring to Hong Kong/China, we also like to provide a luxurious life-on-water, basically an European standard charter service, with prestige yachts in our charter fleet, premium food and wine, music with known DJ's, and of course, new tech-toys on water.

We also position ourselves as the forefront in the industry, by not only traveling to international yacht exhibitions to follow the latest concepts and designs, but also able to provide new payment services to our customers, such as cryptocurrency and wechat pay.